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SPC Excel Template

What is SPC?

→ SPC stands for Statistical Process Control.

→ This is one of the most famous Quality Core Tool out of the Five Quality Core Tool.

→ It is a statistical method for calculating the process capability and stability.

→ As we know that - we can not manage, what we do not measure.

→ In simple language, we can say that if we need to improve then we need to set the baseline and goal.

→ So the baseline and goal setting is one of the most important things in the Lean Six Sigma Project.

→ You can also refer to the Lean Six Sigma Project Charter Excel Template.

→ SPC is one of the most famous methods to measure quality and monitor the processes in manufacturing.

→ Statistical Process Control Excel Template is one of the most important templates out of many templates that is available on our website.

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→ If this template adds value to your work, you can check out Excel templates for the Seven Quality Controls (7 QC Tools Excel Templates).

→ Our 7 QC Tools templates include Pareto Chart, Scatter Diagram, Histogram, Check Sheet, Control Chart, Cause and Effect Diagram Excel template, and Flow Chart.

→ All templates are ready to use just enter the numeric value and you can easily see your graph as per your process.

How to use Statistical Process Control Excel Template?

→ Let's understand how to use the SPC Excel template.

→ It is very simple and pre-defined formula and graph sheet.

→ You just need to enter the value into the yellow highlighted cells as you can easily see in the picture

→ The Subgroup size is taken 5 into this ready-to-use template.

→ Also for other than 5 sub-group size reference is given in this template.

→ You need to enter the below data into the sheet

  • Parameter (ID, OD, Weight, etc.)
  • Part Name
  • Machine No
  • Date
  • Specification
  • Inspector Name (Checked By)

→ In this template, the X-bar chart and R chart will auto populated as per the data.

→ The Cp and Cpk will be auto-calculated into the given table.

→ Also, you will know that the process is under control or out of control.

Example of SPC Cp Cpk Study

Benefits of the SPC Study

→ Customer Satisfaction

→ Process Control

→ Process Performance Measurement

→ Cost Optimization

→ Increase Efficiency

→ Reduce Rejection, Scrap, Rework, and Warranty Claim

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