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  5S Audit Checklist Excel Template Download

5S Audit Checklist Excel Template Download

→ 5S Audit Checklist Excel Template can use for 5S assessment at your office or factory.

→ This template is easily editable and also radar chart is given in this template.

→ 5S assessment is very useful for improvement purposes at your office or factory.

→ 5S Methodology is one of the basic methods for any Lean or Six Sigma Project.

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Table of Content

What is 5S Methodology?

→ The 5S method is a very systematic method for organizing and improving the workplace.

→ It emerged in Japan.

→ Also, it was used in different industries and offices in the world.

➡ The term "5S" stands for five Japanese words:

  1. Seiri
  2. Seiton
  3. Seiso
  4. Seiketsu
  5. Shitsuke

➡ The English meaning of the above five steps are

  1. Seiri means sort
  2. Seiton means set in order
  3. Seiso means to shine or clean
  4. Seiketsu means standardize
  5. Shitsuke means sustain

→  All 5 steps of the 5S Method are focused on workplace organization and cleanliness

→  Now we will understand all steps in detail.

1. Seiri (Sort):

→ Seiri means to Sort.

→ In this step we need to remove unnecessary items from the workplace and need to arrange all necessary items at the workplace.

→ With the help of this step, we will easily find all work-related items at our workstation.

→ So the effectiveness and efficiency of the process will improve.

2. Seiton (Set in Order):

→ Seiton means Set in Order.

→ In this step we need to arrange all necessary items in a defined space.

→ Also, we can add visual labels or symbols to easily identify all items.

3. Seiso (Shine):

→ Seiso means Shine or Clean.

→ This step focuses on the cleanliness of the workplace and regular maintenance of machines.

 → In this step we need to clean our workplace on a daily basis.

→ Also we need to ensure that our workplace and equipment are free from dirt, dust, and other debris.

4. Seiketsu (Standardize):

→ Seiketsu means standardize.

→ This step demands the establishment of well-defined guidelines or procedures for maintaining the first three stages (Sort, Set in Order, and Shine).

→ Standardizing will ensure a clean and organized workplace across the organization.

5. Shitsuke (Sustain):

→ Shitsuke means Sustain.

→ The last stage focuses on sustaining of the improved condition with the help of the above four steps.

→ Sustain creating a culture of discipline and continuous improvement across the organization.

 → For sustaining all 5S we need to educate people on a regular basis.

→ Also we need to conduct the 5S Audit for this activity.

5S Audit Checklist Example

Benefits of 5S Audit

  • Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Operation
  • Improve a Person's Safety and Morale
  • Improve Product and Service Quality
  • Cost Saving
  • Employee Engagement and Empowerment
  • Establish Continuous Improvement Culture within the Organization
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Increase the level of Customer Satisfaction

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→ You can not use these templates for reselling or redistribution.

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