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 SWOT Analysis Excel Template Download

SWOT Analysis Excel Template Download

→ SWOT Analysis Excel Template You can use it for your business and professional presentation.

→ You can easily download this template from our site.

→ This analysis is very useful for business growth.

Table of Content

Introduction of  SWOT Analysis Template

→ SWOT Analysis Excel template is very structured template for the analysis.

→ This Template You can download freely from this website without any additional signing up.

→ It can be used for your personal, professional, or business purpose.

→ This Excel Template is very easy to edit as per your requirement.

→ SWOT stands for the below terminology

  • S - Strength
  • W - Weakness
  • O - Opportunity
  • T - Threat

→ The Meaning of SWOT is Explained below

→ Strengths: Characteristics of the Business that give it an advantage

→ Weaknesses: Characteristics that place the business at a disadvantage

→ Opportunities: Elements in the environment that the business could exploit to its advantage

→ Threats: Elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business

→ SWOT Analysis is most important for all organizations and their growth for identifying the organization's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for the business.

→ For detailed understanding refer to the below examples in details.

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Example of SWOT Analysis

→ Refer to the below examples of the Strength, Weaknesses, opportunities, and Threats in detail.

Strengths of the business

→ Business does well
→ Internal resources such as skilled and knowledgeable staff
→ Tangible assets such as intellectual property
→ Business capital
→ Technologies, etc.

Weakness of the Business

→ The things our business lacks
→ The things that our competitors do better than us
→ Resource limitations
→ Unclear unique selling, etc.

Opportunities of the Business

→ The underserved markets for specific products
→ Few competitors in our area
→ Emerging need for your products or services, etc.

Threats of the Business

→ The emerging competitors
→ Changing regulations
→ The environment change
→ Changing customer attitudes toward our products or services

The major focus area of the SWOT Analysis

  • Setting objectives
  • Internal and External assessment of the organization
  • Analysis of existing strategies
  • Defining strategic issues
  • Developing new strategies
  • Monitoring all results

More About SWOT Analysis Excel Template

→ In this template, the questions are already given for identify the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat of the business.

→ We can also take the help of the subject matter expert and cross function team for this analysis.

→ This template has four sections, in specific section we need to noted own specific details.

→ Also, you can modify this template as per your requirement.

Download and Terms of Use

Terms of use:

→ You can use these templates for your personal and professional use.

→ You can not use these templates for reselling or redistribution.

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